More unique titan situations?

Perhaps in the future, when we have titans, we could have more unique titan attack situations than “Reach X net-worth and some random titan appears!” For example, here are just a few potential situations…

  • After having chopped down 1,000,000 trees, you just flipped someone off. A big someone, for that matter. A big someone who’s ready to kick your but! Titanic Tree Ent attacks!
  • After having slain so many spiders, you’ve drawn the attention of a big one. In fact, she’s their mother! Spider Queen attacks!
  • One of your fishing boats just made the deadliest catch. And, no, I’m not talking about some fat fish. I’m talking about the deadliest catch. Behold, the lord (not some mere duke) of the seas, The Leviathan! (Although, I’m still curious how one of your fishermen set a rod down so deep into the ocean.)

Tell me what you guys think, and I’ll see ya later!


After harvesting 1000 crops, a giant, angry carrot rises from the ground! It’s bent on planting your hearthlings deep in the freshly tilled killing fields of it’s fallen breathren! (I’m actually serious, farming would be way more entertaining if there was a risk of rebellion :smiley: )


And so, as he began to fall, his brethren joined him! Corn, pumpkin, silkweed, and turnip! With their powers combined, they make…

Captain Potato!

(It sounds like planet, okay?)

But in all seriousness, I think 1000 crops harvested would be too soon…


Yeah, I just threw a random number in there…a thousand crop harvests and the town would barely be developed lol. But still…having a scenario play out around farming would add a delightful twist to the game :smiley:

Afterthought edit: Or have that as the intial early-game titan who would present a challenge but not so much as to overwhelm the town…sort of an intro to titan bashing or titan bashing tutorial

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That… might take a little too long for the average-length game. But I do think something similar had been tossed around previously!


As a counter-proposal, the first tree a hearthling tries to chop down summarily swats him back a few squares and does moderate damage as a warning/foreshadowing of what is to come :smiley:

I suppose I should elaborate so it doesn’t just look like a smart-alek remark lol.

My view: The titans are the “gaurdians” of the hearthling’s world, remaining dormant until disturbed. Arrival of the Hearthling Tribes and the processes of construction/mining/farming alert the titans to destruction of their habitat and as you make more changes, the titans become angier, occasionally lashing out as a warning to the hearthlings. All building towards the actual game event of the titans rising.

It would be a way of showing progress in the game towards the triggering of that event so you can act accordingly. As the game progresses, the lashing out becomes more violent (earth shaking in the case of rock titans, maybe a wave pushes your hearthling back onto shore as the water titan attempts to protect his environment, etc)

I think that applying the “titan” logic would be nice in smaller doses. Some of them less “you’ve pissed off X animal/deity”, more “You’ve invested a lot in this particular thing - here’s a relevant challenge!”

For example, after you have aggressively collected pelts, more and more wild animals start to show up - starting with solitary predators (e.x. wildcats), then pack predators (e.x. wolves), and finally big scary alpha predators (e.x. bears!) Such a challenge appearing would then prompt upgrading a Trapper to a Hunter, or getting more Footmen.


Interesting, and, I like it. The developers say they want things to happen depending on what kind of town you have, ranging from a fishing town to a thieves guild. So, obviously, the titan situation should be able to adapt to play styles, as such the rest of the game should.

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Pffft :laughing: totally visualized this with Goldmetal’s style…

This is giving me some interesting ideas… :grin: so thanks!


that makes two of us then…


After mining too deep in the mines, a giant ginger Hearthling rises from a hole that seems to go to hell itself. The ginger will now take your hearthling’s souls and smash some stuff before going back to hell

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