Trophies!(Heads and other stuff)

When i heard of titans i thought it would be the best combat addition ever!But after the epic boss fight (in witch the soldiers hear the call of battle, pick up their mighty steel swords crafted by the greatest blacksmiths and head to the foul beast!In witch they fight to death to protect what they love,to protect even the stones that make the city wall! In witch the evil creature leaves a scar on your city FULL OF FIRE AND CHAOS!)you might want something to remember you of that day.

And even if the creature left a giant crater in your city most players are going to fill it in and build something useful on top.

So I thought of the idea of trophies!Let’s say that after you kill the titan you can take his head and put it somewhere or one of his fangs or if it is some sort of evil wizard his robes etc.

It would be really nice if an other player visits your town(or attacks it) he could see how powerful you are.

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i believe it has come up in one of the live streams and from what i’ve heard, the devs seem to be linking this idea.

Yes, it was confirmed that there should be kind of a reward. However, it is not yet clear what this will be. Another idea was that the big titan will leave a small version of himself back, once defeated. So you could get a titan-puppy as a reward… let’s see what they will come up with :wink:.


I am glad to know that they are going to do something like that.I also had the idea of rare crafting materials to use for epic gear.But if they do that then they should put in a lair system in because I don’t want to wait a long time until a titan attacks.
Also did you just say a PUPPY TITAN! :open_mouth:

Rare materials are for sure also a good one. In the last streams colors have been mentioned. Maybe a titan might drop a super-rare ingredient to craft this stylish neon-pink :wink:.

Or Dragon Blood essence for a deep maroon…

I wonder if there will be both rare craft materials and artifacts/remains that you could display? Like if one particular titan dropped its humongous great sword upon defeat, and (with the help of several settlers) you could drag it in and display it in your city. Meanwhile, “chips” that broke off the sword’s blade could be used by your smiths as a crafting medium for special armor and weapons–or maybe at some point your smiths would be able to melt more of the sword down for a substantial boost in resources. Having multiple benefits from these trophies could give a wide diversity in player decisions and opportunities!

I want a puppy version of this:
In all seriousness though, these big buggers should drop very powerful magical upgrades, as well as some very specific drops that pertain to them. So as this big guy above might drop extremely strong stone, that may or may not be covered in magical runes that give them random buffs, and the essence of the Geomancer, which will make someone either a Geomancer instantly, or upgrade your existing Geomancers to almighty levels, where instead of just worker golems, she might pump out some soldier golems too.

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Well I was thinking of a titan version of a puppy.

Like that made 20x bigger(and deadlier).

Anyway my idea on trophies is that they are simply a decoration but titans should drop other materials.
But as I said they need to ad a way to hunt titans(especially in MP since titans cant just disappear )
Also the rarity could ad some interesting trading.Imagine on a server a market were people can buy and sell rare items.Or a city that really needs a dragon slaying weapon so they buy it from someone else.

“I’ll give you uh… ten silver for that boulder.”
Snort No way, dumbo! This useless boulder was probably maybe somewhat possibly part of Rokaku, the giant evil boulder titan!”
“… So… eleven silver?”

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“WAIT,WAIT! I’ll give twelve !”

Yeah,so for that reason we need the…(wait for it) Stonehearth Trading Codex!!
It would be a nice wiki page in witch players place in different rare items with their basic information!(also I now have TM for this idea)

Also i see that you are getting into dwarf fortress so could you teach me something master as i want to start playing.

Embrace the fun.