Suggestion on Titans/ Boss mobs

So, I just thought of this after fighting a giant wolf in Alpha 14 :stuck_out_tongue: but here’s what I’m suggesting:
What if the titans as we know them know, were renamed “Gods” or “Demigods” and “Titans” would be specific to each race and area. So an example would be Rayya’s Children in the arctic area, they would have their race Titan (Something like Ra) along with the Arctic Area Titan (Something like a Frost Troll or Yeti)
Rayya’s Children would have a Ra (Head of a falcon body of a man) like Titan.
The Ascendancy would have some something like the Celtic god Artio (A giant bear, that stands on 2 legs) for their Titan .
And the North-men (I think they’re called that) would have Fenrir (A giant wolf, which could also stand on 2 legs) for their Titan.
Also the planned Dwarfs could have like, one of the god from Warhammer as their race based Titan (Grungni for example) or the Greek god of the mountains Artemis.
And there would be Titans for each individual area:
Forest - Something resembling Deimos from Greek Mythology (The god of Terror)
Desert - Something along the lines of the Egyptian god Set
Arctic - A Yeti with a giant club, or a frost troll, again with a big club
There would also be friendly Gods, like Cid and Rayya, which if you build their shrine and pray and give them offerings they would give you gifts back (Sword of ‘Insert God name here’ or something), or blessings to permanently buff your town like increased crop yield or increased happiness, or grant you a special hearthling which would be a normal class with basically the stats of a hearthling with 6 Body, Mind, and Spirit but doubled (effectively becoming a 12 Body, Mind, and Spirit) but these would be VERY rare and as soon as you get them one of the Evil Gods (Like the Cthulhu or troll) would spawn for you to fight.
Now of course the NPCs (Goblins, Bunnymen, all those lovely things) Should have their own Titans but this topic is already getting long as it is :stuck_out_tongue:
So all those suggestions above would be the new “Titans” while the ones I’ve heard about (Cthulhu lookin thing and some giant troll) would be considered Gods, something weaker than titans but still insanely powerful, the gods would be random encounters after a certain town status is reached (like 10000 net worth or 50 hearthlings) and they would only happen once. Titans would happen after you build an shrine to them (or find an abandoned one) and defile it (you would click the shrine and there would be a defile button, then your hearthlings would do something like break it or spit on it :stuck_out_tongue:) then they would spawn the next day or in the next week randomly and you would fight them. Then after defeating your Race and Biomes Titan they would drop 2 items, which a class could combine (maybe the magma smith) which when placed down will call down the “Final Boss” so to speak, Atlas, The Primordial Titan. And he would be like, twice the size of the other titans, while those titans would be bigger than Cthulhu and troll. And maybe these titans and gods and “final boss” could all break blocks when they attack, but only if set on like, Hard difficulty. So it would be something like this
Easy - Gods, Titans, and Atlas won’t break anything, Natural or man-made
Normal - Gods, Titans, and Atlas only break Natural or Man-made (player would choose with like, a drop down menu)
Hard - Gods, Titans, and Atlas break anything and everything, not caring about your glorious city
Now I know this was a long read and I’m sorry :sweat_smile: I tend to ramble on sometimes when i get excited


Good suggestions, however I do believe the titan(s?) we’ve seen so far are what’s going to come. I don’t think there needs to be anything too outrageous in the form of boss mobs. From other suggestions I’ve seen I’ve noticed that the specifics of things like these have already been thought of.

And also, Rayya’s Children don’t live in the arctic, in fact the exact opposite. They live in the Desert of Pal’mum. The Northmen are those who live a ‘glacier’ biome.

Ah, but you can still play with one faction in another’s biome. I like that option, myself, I just wish it was balanced so that survival was a bit harder instead of slightly broken.


I know, I was just using that as an example XD