Different Types Of Boss Mobs

OK, so far we have only seen one type of boss mob: Titans

My suggestion is to add more types of boss mobs into Stonehearth because, hey, let’s face it, after fighting against Titains for a while, it’s going to get boring.

As the game progresses, I think the guys at Radiant Entertainment should add more types of boss mobs (eg.Hostile Dragon) into Stonehearth.

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I am happy to confirm to you that Radiant just heard your request and agrees to it… :tongue:.

But seriously, there will be more than one titan in the game. So you do not need to worry I guess.

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OK, then. Thats very nice to hear. :smiley:

I would also like to add that something like this is, in my opinion, certain to be in the game.

I mean, combat will be another one of those areas that the game focusses on, and as such it would seem a bit odd to make a jump from standard foot soldier to titan in one go. So yer, I would imagine we will see an assortment of enemies, and a range of difficulties in taking them down.

I had the impression that titan was just this game’s word for boss monster, is it just a size thing?

Well, goog question. Actually I also understand titans as boss monsters. Technically they are re-sized models, yes. However, I would expect that they are unique and designed only to appear as titans. In one of the streams there was the suggestion to get a baby-version as a reward, in case you beat the titan… but other than that, I hope they are unique.


Yeah, it’s a size thing…

I have poor judgement.

They already have to titans, Cthulhu and the cyclops.

Equally likely is that we’ll also have boss style events that are more like a squad; elite orc leader and his raiders all arriving at once as a “Boss” event

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I’m pretty sure the Titans and Cthulhu are the same.

Sorry meant to say that “they have 2 titans already”