More things to attack you!

I believe there should be more creatures to attack you and more ways to defend your town.Example Dragons,zombies,wolves and other random woodland creatures and desert creatures, and well creatures of every new biome to be added.

hey there @TemmieIsLife, welcome to the discourse :smile:

zombies and wolves, along with a few others, are actually already in the game :wink: and i believe biome specific enemy’s are planned.

as for dragons, well… other than the dragon whelp kickstarter pet, i don’t believe we’ve had anyone from TR say whether dragons will or will not be a thing.


IM AN IDIOT didn’t notice all the new creatures still think there should be more mythical creatures to attack esspaicaly(dont know how to spell)a giant dragon boss thing.

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well titans (huge boss monsters) are a planned thing, so who knows, maybe we’ll get a dragon titan.

if nothing else, i’m sure someone will make a dragon mod.


honestly the boss dragon sounds more like a minecraft aspect. though I am sure a mod for that would be better suited for something like that.

However, I think it would be neat to see griffins and minitors would be better suited for a game like stonehearth?

well there will be titans and more powerful enemies… and other dimensions where you can send hearthlings on a dungeon adventure for loot ect.

why do dragon bosses always have to be associated with minecraft these days, why can’t they be compared to Smaug and Alduin, or any other “legendary” dragons :wink:

i would love to see Minotaurs, in fact, when i get Qubicle later i’ll have to try modeling one…


All hail Fin Fang Foom, Fafnir and Tiamat!

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How about some Falkor Dragons?