Big monster / Boss idea

So my idea was that you would have to have a hearthling with every skill at master level,
after that you would sacrifice him somehow and you’d spawn a ‘’ god ‘’ … maybe there could be like 5? So you are really kept busy to obtain all the drops from them?
Maybe a bit satanical but still it sounds good to me.

well there are plans for titans (one of them being Cthulhu), though nothing official has really been said about them, they would most likely spawn when you have a ridiculously high networth and such.

as was sort of discussed over here,
sacrificing hearthlings seems way to dark for the cutesy style of Stonehearth.

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Im hyped for something like that.

It doesn’t have to look like a sacrifice. The hearthling could simply go “poof” in some sort of magical cloud.

Like with the topic you’d linked, the goblin shaman would cast some magic, and the poor hearthling would simply disappear in some mysterious magic cloud.