Goblins incapacitate & kidnap instead of kill Hearthlings

It would be cool if goblins could knock out and kidnap Hearthlings.
Goblins could give you an additional chance to meet their now greatly increased demands.


This seems like it could work well if implemented properly, but it would be much darker for goblins to slaughter hearthlings in cold blood if their deadline is not met as opposed to just killing them in raids.

The goblins could hold prisoners indefinitely without killing them, but that would make the stakes too low to pose any major threat.


but goblins are the minor threat compared to the planned orks, so kidnapping would make more sense. They’re kinda talking about killing and they threaten you to attack and kill you, but they still prefer to kidnapp and get free stuff for it. Other way round is already planned, since the trapper gets the ability to hold larger prey…


What if instead of killing them in the traditional manner, the goblins would instead “sell” them as slaves to eg. the orcs or a powerful magician.

Perhaps they could even sacrifice them during a ritual, where the goblin shaman would make the poor hearthling levitate for a while, then suddenly “poof”, bye bye hearthling.


even the blackcord could hold hearthlings for rituals, so they could kidnapp them or even as a reward, when you destroy the crypt, a hearthling may join your village.


I’m sorry, but I’ve always seen Stonehearth as a rather “cute” and child-safe game. Even the enemies look friendly and I think that’s part of Stonehearth’s appeal…

So with that said, why would RE want the goblins to ritually sacrifice their prisoners or sell them into slavery? Again, it seems much too dark for the premise of the game.


It does not have to be boldly stated that they are sold to slavery or are sacrificed in a ritual. The players could only see that they are taken away out of reach, or that the hearthling disappears in some sort of magical cloud.

Besides, do I have to remind you that currently, the goblins do in fact KILL (read: brutally murder) our beloved hearthlings? I don’t think that is rather “child friendly”, except that it is just made to look cute. Other than that, these days children see far worse things than that in television, other video games, or even in real life.

If done that way, yes, it could work.

Yes, and I realize the game isn’t completely child safe, but there’s a huge difference between killing a hearthling in combat as opposed to taking them prisoner and ritually offering them as a blood sacrifices to whatever dark lord these enemies worship.

Of course they do, and that’s not a concern here. I’m not arguing that we should keep Stonehearth child safe for the children. I’m merely arguing that it doesn’t fit with the theme Radiant has established since announcing the game.


Goblins and orks never take hostage… Only to war them later xD


i’m with @Dwalus here, its an interesting idea, but would have to be implemented well, and in a “non dark” cutesy way…

i could be wrong but i’m pretty sure that recently on stream they said that trappers will no longer have those perks, but rather some other tier two class would actually get those perks…


I’m imagining something like…
Goblin tribute fail -> goblins attack -> goblins ‘kill’ hearthling -> hearthling turns into large sack -> goblins take large sack back to camp -> if you stop them you get a passed out hearthling with almost no health to put in a bed and heal, otherwise the goblins take the bag to their camp and it turns into a captured hearthling in a cage -> goblins demand more tribute

repeat the cycle until the goblins have captured all your hearthlings, you pay them off, or you defeat the goblins and rescue the captured hearthlings

this would be easier if goblins took the cash value for items instead of demanding individual things


Yeh the Beast Tamer i think it’ll be called. :slight_smile:

For real? :open_mouth:

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thats exactly what i thought of, maybe add torpor dmg to clubs and stone mauls, so you can have the ability to knock off your enemies if possible.

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