What are the plans for mining?

My favorite aspect about games like these are the ability to mine for items of high value and to create a kingdom underground. So when can we expect mining to be implemented? How would it work?? Will there be any advantages / disadvantage to living underground???

Also, please release an alpha / beta ASAP please. We can give you feedback quickly and we all want to play this game soon!



*chants mining mining mining mining mining *

For another game (the alpha that this refers to can be downloaded for free) I had written up something about “planned” mining.
In short, a way to “mark” areas for excavation so that you can release your swarm of miners to… start digging out a mine complete with shafts, tunnels and everything.

@FIFAsnipe2224 Unless things have changed over the last few days …

Taken from the collated Q & A:

Also, hate to have to act as a pseudo admin, but there’s already a [urlhttp://discourse.stonehearth.net/t/will-there-be-game-testing/27/21] thread [/url]regarding alpha so if we could contain it in there rather than create loads of threads that’d be awesome :p!


Well, if it’s anything like mining in Dwarf Fortress there will be lower levels you can dig down to and mine for stone and ore and precious minerals. An alternative would be to find a vein on the surface and build a building called a Mine that gathers resources over time. But I think most people would rather have the ability to dig underground and explore the deep.

I was just thinking about this a little bit ago, curious myself if there will be the option for mining, or to send my guys into caves/dungeons in search of cool things.

Eventually is way better than never :smiley:

@Cronus See [urlhttp://discourse.stonehearth.net/t/what-are-the-plans-for-mining/210/3] above[/url]! I should imagine they would include it eventually, kinda missing something massive if they don’t!


I have always been a miner when possible. In Terraria and Minecraft for example I spend most of my time underground :smiley:. Therefore I am already looking forward to mining here, knowing that mining will be an update post-launch.

Something tells me, though, that we won’t be bored until we can start swinging our pickaxes.

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