Resources Other Than Wood

Obviously we’ve seen logs used to build houses and whatnot, but is there going to be something like mining to be involved? Without it idk how there would be any tools.

I’m sure the guys and Radiant Entertainment are going to add mining to the game.

They might even add crafting!

yes, there will be a host of other resources… what they are specifically, we dont know just yet… :slight_smile:

as for obtaining them, mining will eventually make its way into the game, but before then, i believe rocks/metals/ores will be bubbled up to the surface for your units to reach…


What do you mean by crafting…?

You will be able to build items in a similar vein to Dwarf fortress/ Timber and Stone/ Gnomoria, if you’ve played any of those?

Yea they mensioned on their most recent stream that they are going to maybe have some overworld nodes and they said they might implement mining shafts and things

I’m talking about a Minecraft/Dwarf Fortress like style of crafting.

Thanks for the clarification. I know all of this stuff is still in being worked out and subject to change, but do we know if the vision is to make mining closer to what it is in Dwarf Fortress or Gnoromia, for example? With different Z / depth levels and you can carve out earth as you see fit?

im afraid im not overly familiar with either (dont judge me! :stuck_out_tongue: )… what we know for now is that mining will initially consist of units finding above ground deposits (think WoW resources)… the units will mine them to claim the particular material…

I think the crafting system in minecraft and dwarf fortress are quite different in terms of how they are implemented.

The system it would seem, is closer to Dwarf Fortress and Gnomoria.

it would be good if searching in ruins you can find blueprints that teach your craftsmen/women how to make something special

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