Random questions about the game

I was wondering about some things and I have not found any answers for online.

  • Will the forest terrain generation be updated to something more natural looking like the deserts?
    The forest biome is quite chunky and always has cliffs of 2 mining tunnels high while the desert has also some lower cliffs.

  • Will the Rayya’s children get some kind of reliable wood source?
    In my play trough with them I’m always running short on it (never bother to have a carpenter thou) it needed for building, smelting ores etc. (or do they get some replacement for wood to solve this? or will merchants carry bigger quantities? )

  • The materials are really plain (imo) will they be getting more texture (And more colours?)
    idk if that would be an improvement but it seems so flat and smooth (almost plastic) ad times and the ones that do have texture or randomize there blocks looks much nicer.

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Can you clarify what you mean by “the materials”?
Are you speaking of what the resources like wood and stone look like? Or are you speaking of the shiny material on gold and silver bars? Or something else?

I mean the building materials, (wood stone clay) But also the grass and stone of the world generation although those have some colour variations, I think they could use some more.

Hey there @lios!,

Well let’s see here…

For the world generation:

Yes, the world generation will be vastly improved later on! Things like natural rivers, more realistic lakes, more wandering animals, fish, birds, waterfalls, and many other features will be included! However, I see you were referring to the cliffs and how… what’s the word… I guess you could say just how “plain” they look. … Hah, terrain joke…

Anyway though, I agree. Personally, I feel something more related to Minecraft would be more aesthetically pleasing. And moreover this topic has been discussed in the past, although very briefly. When it was discussed, the conclusion to why the cliffs generate the way they do is simply to fit the style this game is intended to be created in… a sort of Zelda - NPC village, Dward Fortress, 80’s pixel art - esque sort of style.

But! Don’t forget that this game is still in early Alpha! Which means we all have plenty of time to sit down and talk about what features we do and don’t like, and anything in this nearly perfect game can be changed for the better! : D

For Rayya’ Children and their supply on wood:

Rayya’s Children, as I’ve been told many times, is more focused on trade more than anything. Thusly, they will be heavily reliant on traders / merchants / etc. in order to obtain harder to get resources. But I also see that you mentioned that traders now currently don’t sell enough wood every time they come to visit.

That’s something I’d recommend you post as a suggestion; offering the recommendation that traders carry more wood with them! So… yeah… there you go!

And finally, in regard to the textures:

Don’t know much about this topic as it actually hasn’t been discussed that much… well, at least as far as I’ve seen. But either way, I agree with you! I would love to see wood blocks actually look like wood blocks, stone blocks look like stone, etc. In addition to that, I would also love to see grass blocks have a slight texture to them as well to signify actual grass.

In reference to wood and stone blocks… I always have an issue when I build stairs or custom buildings, or castle towers, whatever it may be, where I will use a similar color of block in a certain area and won’t be able to tell where I put windows or corners, or etc., because the entire section was mended together due to all of it being one color and or no shadow. Obviously that can mitigated on my part by not using the same color repeatedly, but still…

All in all though, I think this brings up a topic that I haven’t seen yet either on this website, and that’s the idea of texture packs!

Considering this game will be and is heavily focused on the idea of mods, I think access to texture packs… or that is, allow people to make texture packs would be a great and welcome addition!

But yeah… whew… I said a lot there. : D Hopefully that answered some of your questions, and, well… yeah… there you go!



Thanks for answering ill make a some suggestion treads.

I am really looking forward to se a more lively world. but is you compare the desserts with the forests they look much nicer thou still keeping with the generation style. Desert have some crumbling of mountains and lowered foothills while still maintaining those flat building space and high enough cliffs so they are impassable with out player intervention. . Forrest on the other hand are just cliffs with minor round corners and some block rows that stick out. (just some random pic from the internet.) In a way it seems like the desert world (ground) generation is more refined then the one for the forest. And I agree minecraft like world generation would be ugly, not to mention very hard to build/navigate on.


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As for the texture aspect. Personally I wouldnt be agaisnt texture mods.but I find the simplicity of the textures is part od what makes the game and I find it adorable. The only thing I think could use some more definition is the rocks since a lot of angles you cant see the different depths to it. But to solve that you could have something like the earth. Two toned rocks like the ground.



Ahh, I see what you’re saying. And I agree wholeheartedly! : D