What do you think about this?

I was thinking that the game could be more realistic and organic if the modders make a mod that changes the world generation and remove the straight cliffs to a tipe of hill. it would be more smooth and more realistic look!

Leave the opinions below it would be great if this make a reality


I like the idea and Stonehearth had quiet different terrain really early on i kinda wish it had some of it now at places :slight_smile:

I think the blockiness makes it a lot easier to mine and build, as well as offering an interesting aesthetic. It also offers natural walls and choke points, which I suppose is both a pro and a con, but I think is mostly a pro.

@paulthegreat is right. And here is a very old Desktop Tuesday where Tony is explaining why they are making the shift. Taking Another Stab at World Generation – Stonehearth

But now that there is mining and the geomancer, it might be great to have sloppier terrain again, that would add gameplay :slight_smile:

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I have this habit of mining out my own natural terrain around my cities and buildings to make it look the way I want. It’s… a bit of a pain in the ass to do, but does look really good

You cannot talk about this without sharing a few screenshots of your cities :wink:

This would be one example


And this would be one where I made my own little lake around the building


Currently I’m working on a church/cathedral where I have to do some terrain editing as well, but I’m now both not at home and unable to make screenshots (since I have yet to make said build xD)


Impressive work :open_mouth:

Those pyramids…those are insta-built…right? And basically solid through and through? Tell me they aren’t hollowed out with rooms and corridors and full of hearthlings living in splendor inside?

Oh, they are build by hand. They have rooms. They have areas within them.

You can see me build it here


Part of the reason for the change was also the way the engine works/worked. It had regions, which were basically collections of cuboids or something similar. If you had nicer gradients, that meant more regions, which meant less optimization could be done, and more memory was required to hold the (more complex) structure.

I think ever since then, major improvements in the performance department for that have been made, so it might not be an issue anymore - but since then, all systems have kinda been designed with these levels in mind.

Other thing that the modders can add in world generation is a mix of diferent biomes in the game map like a biome of desert with a zone of archipelago etc…