Mountain Generation

Instead of having mountains just be stone cubes that rise up out of the ground, why not make them more… mountain shaped. Then they can have large terraces that extend out for building purposes, and the player could connect the terraces with tunnels if they wanted to create some sort of mountain city.

I have not yet caught up with the streams, but from what I’ve gathered from around the forums, the current mountain generation is still very much in its early stages. I think @SteveAdamo, @Geoffers747 or @voxel_pirate might be able to shed more light on the current situation?

Are you referring specifically to the latest desktop Tuesday?

If so, have no fear!

“There’s still lots more work to be done, especially on the mountains, but it’s really starting to come together.”

Someone in the comments section (@Quel) also commented saying that they felt the mountains should look a bit more realistic, to which @Tom replied saying that there was a lot of work needed to be done on them and they’ll look great in the end :smile:

Okay, then consider this a suggestion for how they can make them more mountain shaped, but still provide a place upon which to build.

To be completely honest, I’m not sure how that would work. The problem with finding a balance between plateaus to build on and realistic mountains is that it lies squarely in the zone characterized as the “Q-Bert” effect. And that is a place one should go only sparingly, if ever.

Hmm okay maybe terrace isn’t the best word, mountain ledges would be the more appropriate term. You could have caves in the mountainsides, that would provide a building space as well, but would require you to use more artificial light.

So you’re saying just add more details to the mountains to break them up/make them more interesting? Do you have a problem with the plateau shape or does it just seem relatively bland?
(I am honestly curious as to your opinion on them. I agree that they seem too empty, but I’m willing to take function over form…)

Well, yeah I think making mountainous terrain more detailed would be a step in the right direction, but mountains should also form in ranges not simply single mountains popping up around the map. Take a moment to imagine a city that has it’s agricultural district in a valley nestled between several mountains, and the rest of the city built onto the mountainsides overlooking the valley. That is what I envision when I think of mountains in a game like Stonehearth.

As for the plateau shape, it just doesn’t look very much like a mountain in my opinion.

You mean something like this @Robinson3938

The mountains in this instance would have to be rather gigantic! But I suppose you could generate such mountains :smile: and even perhaps bury into them?

I have, and it was majestic.


@Geoffers747 Isnt that picture from a book I read…

Not that I’m aware of …

If I would make a guess what the mountains will eventually look like, I’d say that they will exist of different large blocks that are merged into each other, giving it a staircase pyramid feel. This is in line with the style they would be going for, and helps players to build on different levels. So the plateaus will stay, but vary in size, location and height.

Yeah, that’s pretty close to what I imagined. Also it would make sense for mountains to be huge in the game. I mean mountains are pretty big ya know. :smiley:

P.S. You found me another artist to follow on dA.

im all for majestic mountain ranges, with nice plateaus on which to build massive settlements… :+1:

but to be honest, we’ve seen mountains (voxel mountains specifically) several times over… i am actually pretty partial to the direction the current mountains (and landscape in general) is headed…

im obviously curious to see just what will happen with all the varied terrain types, but the mountains as they stand now are distinct… yes they’re not overly pretty (yet), but they are also different than other attempts at mountains we’ve seen…


I would have to agree, I like the distinct look of the mountains that we’ve seen, and we know there is still work to be done on them.

My biggest concern with the way you are proposing things @Robinson3938 is simply the scale of the things. If there were absolutely massive mountains I’m not sure what it would add gameplay wise, as I envisage it taking forever to get anywhere with them? And potentially just taking so much space away from other things?

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But this could be more an opportunity than a drawback.

Someone in this forum asked if we can manipulate the terrain generation for the world with sliders before the creation. I still think this would be great. This way you could have both pieces of the cake to speak literally. Someone who loves plains and more “Hill” like mountains could play in such an environment and someone who likes massive mountains with mountain paths and plateaus and epic valleys could also play as he likes.
The only problem would arise in an persisitent multiplayer world. Although if its big enough you can have both areas in it and the players can choose where to settle.

Just on a personal note. I’m a big fan of epic mountains :wink:

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Without a doubt I would imagine this will be a possibility - or if the feature is not baked in I’m sure someone can fiddle around with the world generation parameters and create huge mountain ranges!

It’ll probably be one of those things that until we have our hands on the game it’s difficult to gauge how gameplay will be impacted… there is something quite fantastical about building in, on, and around a huge mountain range though :smile:

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Yeah maybe my idea is too epic. :frowning:

There’s an idea.

indeed… and dont forget the options the geomancer might provide… :+1:

I like the way that the current generation is heading, it adds character and charm to the game
plus, if these “giant mountains” would exist, maybe some unique resources would hide in them
caves? dungeons? ores and treasure? MYSTERY?