Tighter Valleys To Build In

Right now, the game, it cant go big scale. The game, sets fire the the cpu and rides it like a unicycle. Is it possible to get the terrain generation to scale down so spaces are much closer together?

Like, I really enjoy the restrictions of this tiny bit of grass land around me. It’s fun, all the farm plots are small and so are the animal pens. The game right now is about small, but the land mass is not, it has very large areas to sprawl out in. The castle being built was to use up resources, and to explode the building generator.

I’m not suggesting shrink the map, just tighten up the peaks and valleys a bit.

yup 15fps… le sad.


hmm… this actally used to be the case, there were a lot less mountains, and lots more tiny valleys like this one. however, terrain generation got changed shortly after water was introduced, so now we dont see these kinda things anymore… i kinda miss them :disappointed_relieved:

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There are some seeds listed in that long thread of interesting map seeds that have closer together areas and walls, especially Rayya’s Children. I love to build a ‘canyon’ type town where the houses are actually built right into the canyon walls (would like to eventually see variety of sandstone and mesa stone colors!). Though most of the random maps are fairly spread out, you can find some nice sheltered pockets and interesting mountain formations. I’m also pleased that there are a lot more islands to be found now in the forest biomes… makes building a lakeside or “Lake Town” type project much more fun. Check out the Lake Town thread - that person is amazingly good at it!

Edit: Perhaps in the future of the game, they will add sliders to specify geography height and width preferences similar to Gnomoria and a couple other games I’ve tried where you can customize the procedural generation parameters.