Mining feature: Exploring caverns etc

Hi all

I have been closely watching the devblog as well as all streams and I have been particularly fancing the ability to explore unknown caverns in the mountins.
Right after the release of Alpha 7, Tom said that this feature will come in Alpha 8, now it seems it does not also come in Alpha 9. This is what also worries me.

Will it come at all?

I am asking because the mining feature is somehow “finished” according to the dev roadmap and Tom did not, or actually stopped, mentioning anything about the cavern feature in mining.

I just do not hope that they stopped working on that as It is maybe too difficult to program or something.

Again I do not want to sound angry or so, i really love the game and Team Radiant.


I’m sure it will come in time. Dwarves are envisioned as a playable race in the game, and you can’t have dwarves without having caverns !! :wink:

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two entirely different things my friend! :smile:

yes, the basic mining process is implemented, but it will continue to be refined and tweaked (based on their own internal testing and given feedback from the community)… as for underground caverns, that’s something completely different…

and yes, you would need to mine in order to reach/discover a cavern, but they are not directly related (in terms of programming effort)… the caverns would fall under world generation (at least, I would think it does), which judging by the road map still has a good 30% of basic work to be done… :+1:


I’m pretty sure that’s on their to-do list, but for now their working on combat.

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I’m going to reinstate the topic. Seeing as the new creatures are being added, is this feature coming out any time soon? Right now the surface seems (more or less) populated. Digging downward, however,doesn’t have any meaning aside from getting resources. No caverns, monster invasions or hidden treasures.