[Dev Blog] Roads Update, Alpha 7, and Stream Tonight!

the Desktop tuesday has been released


Its about roads and stuff


hahaha… thanks for the summary! :smile: :+1:

i would suggest posting questions for the stream here, but i’m not sure how many we could collect in regards to roads/travel, etc. :wink:

so, how about we all use this thread to post any and all SH related questions, that @Tom may be able to cover in the stream… :+1:

see you all on the stream tonight!


So my first question is the Shepherd as we saw the pasture making sign and the Shepard’s crook. when shall the Shepard be implemented.what will be implemented for the shepherd like stone walls new animals nudge nudge whats it going to look like and what is the UI going to be like

love the update… its crazy how something so (seemingly) simple adds so much to the game…

and the x-ray mode looks very useful now as well! :+1:


Will the mason unlock stone buildings and paths? I.e. Will we have to have a mason to be able to build stone roofs etc? Or will we be allowed to build stone buildings without him?


the pasture zone is definetky in.

as you should have seen in the video.

I bet we will have the Shepard when his update is out.

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Either it will be this alpha as he did say something along the lines of. With a a few surprises. or it’ll be next update so they can implement larger animals cough cough yaks cough cough

note the update is still at least a couple weeks down the road. (he said next year, which means in January)

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If we’re very good and a little lucky, we can squeeze it out by this year, so cross your fingers for us!


starts crossing fingers and toes

Is it possible to have another x-ray view with both underground and above ground visible at the same time (buildings / people / materials / farm- stockpilezones)?
minus trees and surface (grass)


two new tools? :smile:

inquiring minds want to know…


These questions of mine are from the Mason thread we had earlier, just in case we’re not going to be looking at it again for tonight! Apologies for re-posting, but there were quite a few I had regarding the new Mason class:

As for new, non-Mason questions…

Is it possible to remove the curb from parts of a road to allow ‘access points’ for structures or places the road naturally tapers off?

Are you still planning to reduce the size of the curb, or will the current size remain the standard setting for now?


i believe @Tom mentioned this when he was first showing these off (that the height may very well be adjusted)… i would agree that having them perhaps half the existing height might provide a better aesthetic…

Can’t wait to see if Tom will talk about what these are. :wink: I know the one on the right is the Shepard Stick.

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I was also wondering about that?
and does anyone know if the sheep will come along with the shepherd because of the pen icon, I would love to be a player totally dependent on animals, trapper and shepherd instead of farmer.

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if i were a gamblin’ man, i’d say those are the Mason’s hammer and Shepard’s crook…

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Sadly, I don’t think I’m going to be able to watch this stream–for some inexplicable reason, my connection to Twitch is shot at the moment. I can’t get the channel to load! Has anyone else been having this difficulty recently?

It’s likely for the best, since I’m busy grading papers before the end of the week. Being a GTA’s quite busy… Needless to say, I’m looking forward to next weekend, and whenever the stream gets uploaded!

sorry you’re having problems… I think I had issues at work, but Twitch loaded just fine from the home office…