Pasture sign implemented and maybe pastures itself

well in the stream he didn’t even mention it and no one on twitch mentioned it but there is a sign for pastures which means there soon will be pastures in my mind what do you guys think and if he did say it in a stream please inform me


I wouldn’t expect it for Alpha 7, maybe more likely to be tossed into Alpha 8 or even 9. I believe the next big focus after mining was said to be redesigning combat, but it’s possible herding and pastures could get tossed in there as well to flesh out the settlement a little more.

Maybe it’s something that could be asked about more on today’s stream?


i believe alpha 7 is mining and mason alpha 8 maybe pastures and a few more animals and combat alpha 9 or 10 is blacksmithing so more mining and thats all i know and throughout that there will be combat updates

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In the Desktop Tuesday there is a crook which means the Shepard is being done


the zone looks to me like its already implemented/drawn and they havent pushed out the update yet, perhaps its a surprise feature.

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