Highlighted scaffolding

This may have been already suggested, but if not here goes. Would it be possible to have scaffolding that the hearthlings can’t reach highlight red. Would make it easier to find out which piece is causing the hang up when they are tearing down scaffolding. Majority of the time it’s a ladder that they either tore down scaffolding first and it’s hanging or they built it in the structure itself and can’t get to it. This can happen on the same build I’ve done 20 times but this time they got ahead of themselves and left something hanging.

Just a thought. I strongly dislike the IB command and dread when I have to use it because one little ladder was hiding that I couldn’t see.

Many thanks,



Not something I want to see in the final game but I suppose it is a useful debug tool for Alpha.

most of the time you can get the offending scaffolding or ladder by placing another ladder, at worst you can always use the destroy command on the scaffolding itself to remove it without destroying the building and it’s less impact then ib command. however i do agree a highlighted red would help solve part of the issue.


I’ve used the destroy command before, I’m just saying its not always easy tracking down the offending piece of scaffolding so I can get everything moving again.


My thoughts exactly. Maybr the offending scaffolding part could get a red outline, similar to the white one, if it is selected.

That’s my thinking as well, on small builds this isn’t an issue 99% of the time, but I’m sure everyone has seen a decent size build with multiple stories be littered with scaffolding. Trying to find a one block high ladder that they placed underneath something for whatever reason can be quite challenging.