General Bugs / Feature-Lack

@SteveAdamo, Please reroute me if I am posting this in the wrong place.

I returned to SH today after several months of not playing. I played for a couple hours and wanted to dump a few thoughts that would really clean up the overall feel of the game and make it more playable. Some of these will certainly have been mentioned elsewhere, so again please moderate as necessary :smiley:

  • Graphics for when settlers sit to eat
  • Settlers stuck inside building being built
  • No paths, floors used as paths register as a “building”
  • Broken fences (fences should be built like walls)
  • If materials are not available for item in crafter queue - crafter should move to next item. (Perhaps a counter of all the items missing to be able to craft what is in the queue? Setting so that crafter automatically crafts the items that are dependencies first then the result?)
  • Crash out on load of save game
  • For pre-fabricated buildings, ability to remove unwanted items. ie. I crafted a reinforced door instead of a regular door I want to use but can’t replace the one in the setpiece. Really, these pre-set buildings period. Dining hall for example, if the settlers place certain items first they will block themselves from placing the remaining items and won’t ever place them – but then you can’t move items and place them manually since they are in that opacity mode waiting to be placed.
  • Ability to have settlers break down/delete items/remove buildings
  • Auto-save
  • Minimum stock crafting broken?
  • Keybinding for game speed

All in all - I have seen massive improvements after the past couple months of being away. The classes are coming together. Things aren’t too cluttered and some of the most important elements are coming together.

All for now!

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I don’t think this fits under support, most of these things are polish items, which are not a priority, the actual bugs here have all been identified and have there own threads. As for the paths and pre-fabs, this is the first update with them, so they are not yet at there full potential, and this has also been noted. The paths are planed for the next update, along with mining. Buildings can be removed by going into the custom building menu, then clicking on a building and hitting delete/remove, it will be dissembled (Should work). But this is very comprehensive feed back anyways.

I quite like the idea of a auto-save feature, It may happen in the finished version though, However I feel fences are fine as they are, I don’t see a need for that to change. But there is a glitch where fences / gates do go into the air, This has been reported and is a bug (not sure if you where referring to this). Settlers stuck in buildings have been reported a few times, I’m sure in the future something will be fixed with that but there are ladder work around’s currently :). And as far as settlers and graphics, I’m sure not 100% about that, But when I made a cafe they sat down and went off the map, So that being fixed would be great :), But you have some great ideas! I’d like to see some of that happen.

hey there @splicepoint … I think overall, these sounds like a collection of suggestions… :+1:

Appreciate the reply!

The problem with fences is the need to place them individually. I like to build fences around my entire settlement at the early stages of the game (later I hope we will get stone walls, etc.) but in order to do this with any degree of scale it takes forever. And moving and entire fence around the outskirts of your settlement when you decide to expand is tedious. The SH devs have long stated that general mindless tasks that are not fun to micromanage should be optimized for automation.

Sounds like fences are slated for some further development anyway - so I’ll be interested to see what comes down the chute!

With this I won’t have to worry about getting kicked out of the game randomly

This would be totally useful. Especially, when yo screwed up on a building in a nice, beautiful village.

I see what you’re saying, For larger projects I would 100% prefer what you’re saying. I’ve just done littler builds that are more awkwardly shaped hence I said I don’t see a issue with how they are. But I do have to 100% agree with you for a large project that would be a nice feature to implement.

And I too would love to see different types of fence like stone, or different types of wood for different types of fences wouldn’t be bad either :stuck_out_tongue:

But overall, I wouldn’t mind seeing it. So either way they do it, It’s all awesome :slight_smile:

this will be implemented at some point, I’m almost certain… well, @Tom mentioned “reclaiming resources” very early on in the development of SH, so they idea has at least been discussed … fingers crossed :wink: