Routing bug and suggestion

I’m not sure if this has already been brought up but I’d like to make a suggestion. Their is a bug whenever I try to have my villagers place an object they’ll get stuck. Most commonly they seem to get stuck whenever I place a comfortable bed somewhere. My suggestion is this, can you make it so that prefabricated objects such as furniture, lights, etc don’t require your villagers to place them? Instead just have the players place them so you don’t have to deal with routing issue. I find it a minor annoyance that I have to watch my villagers place something every time due to the routing issues. With all that said I understand its alpha, and I appreciate the hard work you guys have put into this game. Keep up the good work!

Well, that would be quite awkward, though, to have your Hearthlings build a house but not place furniture. Also, all they have to do is fix the routing bug and you’re good to go.

hey there @SpaceMonkey… welcome aboard! :smile:

yes, there can be some issues with the pathing system, but more often than not, i find my units are able to navigate the “simple” terrain around my settlements… and obviously as the game progresses, the AI will improve by leaps and bounds…

have fun! :+1: