[REQUEST] Priority System and Building Removal

So, me and my friend are loving playing the hell out of this game, but we have 2 main nuisances that keep coming up and I thought I’d suggest to the modding boards to see if anyone wanted to grab these ideas or if the development team might see and contemplate integrating something of the sort eventually.

First problem is picking stuff you need right NOW so it can be used or traded instead of waiting for an item to eventually grabbed. I have no clue how difficult it would be to implement, but a Priority System would be fantastic as it has worked wonders in other settlement building games. The basic premise is starting everything at a generic priority and have a drag tool that can raise the priority of certain jobs/blueprints or specific items you want picked up ASAP. If implemented correctly I believe would solve a lot of frustrations.

My second problem is buildings that are cancelled halfway through leave what is already built there as an eyesore. I have no problem rebuilding or restarting a blueprint build if I can’t fix the problem of the buildings not being finished, so I will cancel the build and start it again at another spot. But that leaves behind the shell of an unfinished building that is unremovable. I tried this with a building a couple times, the first time it left the entire roof level, and another time with same blueprint it left the whole building and no way to remove it. So my suggestion would be a tool to either instantly delete a selected build or to deconstruct it to free up the space.

Thanks for checking out my suggestions and feel free to use them at your leisure.

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Consider posting your problematic building saves here: Looking for Saves! Perf & Building Issues

Clicking Destroy on an in-progress building from the building menu should remove the whole thing, assuming it’s a single “building” (if you can select the whole blueprint at once). If it doesn’t, then that’s a bug and should be posted in the thread Paul linked.