[latest rickety] the mystery of dissapearing items

after placing and building the same template a few times, the game likes to ignore items.

see pictures for clarrification, and included save game file. (its unfortunately WITH mods…but might still be helpfull)

1524748705699.zip (4.9 MB)

pictures are the wrong way round. when you are still in drop-your-template-down mode, everything looks fine. but once you put it down all the items inside are invisible. usualy stuff gets worse from there on in.

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Is this a savefile started in the previous build?

The issue reproduces on your savefile, but not on a new game. :thinking:

no, new build (restarted a zillion times today because of modding…) i tend to alternate modding with building design…

could it be my style of blueprints?

building_templates.zip (83.0 KB)

ive had it with both of these designs, but also others in the past. ( as you can see in the picture, 3 others were succesfully compleyed, its this fourth one that suddenly started sprouting the issue)

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Ah, I think I know what happened. You placed the template while the other building is in progress.
If you’re going to keep designing buildings while there’s one in progress, you need to click on the “New Building” button.

Now let’s see how we can fix this :slightly_frowning_face:

ah yep! thats what i might have done. sounds correct anyway.

well you guys could just have the -click- that selects a template automatically make it choose new building? and if you want to show off if you RMB-to-cancel the blueprint, it selects the last one you were working on?
(its how it instinctively feels like it should be, and even currently looks like it does this)

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Yeah, we’ll have to put some workaround like that.

Though sometimes you want to combine several templates into one new building, so it should check the building status before trying to make a new one.

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maybe have it decide if its old or new after clicking to deploy it, and it its touching another building its the old one, if its not its a new one?

Turns out the issue was related to IDs that the building uses internally and in the template.

Chris has found the origin of the problem, and he’s working on a fix. Thank you very much for your savefile and templates! :grinning:


you are quite welcome :slight_smile: any bug i help find now means an easier time for you guys to remove it :stuck_out_tongue:
(leaving you with more time to say, think of a way to enable basement-style buildings :wink: ? )

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I have items disapearing when using the placementtool… they still exist in the placement menu, but the ghost is gone and so is the item.

Even when they are not placed near any building…

Is that the same bug @Relyss? in my current save i have around 10 of such items…
missingitemssavegame.zip (7.5 MB)

Yep, that sounds like the same bug. They appear in the placement menu and in the inventory as undeployed, but if you place the ghost nobody will try to place them.

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