New building templates names not working?


I see a lot of people are having issues with the new builder. I am stumbling in many ways (although it is still AMAZING and I’m having a blast with it regardless of current bugs. Can’t wait for next release to smooth it out).

One issue I"m having regularly that I don’t see already reported is with the naming. The first two templates I created took names as I would expect (I typed in the text box next to the ‘pause’/‘build’ button and it saved them with those names when I hit the ‘save’ button. But after that, and for some time now, when I design a new building and try to type in that field it resets that text box back to a number. It seems it defaults to giving the template a number for a name (seems reasonable, to keep them unique), but my names keep disappearing and the number shows up.

I did find I can change this manually in the JSON of the template save file, but that’s a pretty painful work around. Also doesn’t take effect until I close and reload the game.
Finally, related to names, the saved name for these templates is a 32 long string of random hex (or random enough looking that it fooled me). That… doesn’t seem right. I would hope these saved names would match the names I give it (or even the number names it’s forcing on me).

Neat build tool though! High hopes for the future. Keep up the good work!


The display names are not enforced to be unique. You could make/download a dozen different templates all called “Carpenter’s House” and those would still need to be stored in your game folder somewhere.


Ok thanks, that explains that part of it… although if the names aren’t meaningful doesn’t that make it harder to sort/trade/share? Or is that all being done through a tool that handles it for you? I’m not currently trading templates, just making my own.

But the larger issue is still that if I were to make a dozen carepenter’s house templates, they would be named 1,2,3,…,12 because my names don’t take. Is anyone else having that issue?