My old templates no longer work. I'm at a dead end

So I put off using the new builder for the longest time since I already had my templates. Turns out now none of them work. And I have no idea how to “convert” them into the new format and I can’t build them now since the old builder is gone. So my question is, “Do I have to rebuild all my templates using the new builder and try to remember what they looked like? Or make new ones completely?” I’m just a bit defeated at the moment, I really didn’t want to have to rebuild all these things. I was happy that they just worked… Now I’m sort of stuck in a place where I can’t actually play the way I want without having to do a whole load of work ALL over again. If anyone knows of a fix, please let me know. I really want to continue playing but right now I’m sort of at a dead end.

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Move them all to the game folder\saved_objects\stonehearth\building_templates
They should appear now in the list. Place, edit and save them again. Move back to your mod.
That is what I did.


Thanks, that at least shows them. Now I seem to have a bit of work ahead of me converting all these things over. First attempt the walls still showed when lowered, I did what I saw in the video but clearly did something wrong lol I might just need a short break haha

The walls might be oriented opposite how the builder imagines, in which case if you were looking down at an angle, the back wall would be down but the front one still up. Alternately, I know that the capability for assigning a group of blocks to be considered a wall (and indicating the facing direction) was recently added to the builder, but I don’t have any experience with using it, but it could be that the walls just aren’t properly considered walls and need to be marked as such.

Double click the wall to select it all. At the top you will see an option to mark the selected blocks as slabs, walls or roofs. Mark as wall. It will not have a green 3d arrow showing which direction you must be looking for it to disappear. At the top next to where you click to mark as a wall there is another text (can’t remember what) that if you click it the arrows rotate, so you can chose at what angle the walls will hide.

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