Templates and Modding not working

Hi, so I’ve been attempting to add some mods and building templates into my game for a few days now and have yet to have any luck. Hopefully someone can help.

I’ve been using the workshop and subscribed to several mods only to open up my game and find them not working. I’ve looked through my mods folder and found that none of them had downloaded. I’ve tried unsubbing, resubbing but nothing. This hasn’t happened with any other games that have workshop mods so I’m not exactly sure what to do.

In addition, I’ve been trying to download some building templates into my game and have done the standard by downloading and dragging the unzipped files into the building templates folder but when I open up the game and go to templates I get an error message and none of the new templates load up.

Does anyone have a suggestion for what to do about either of these issues? Anything is appreciated, thank you!

Steam workshop is for the upcoming version a24, not released yet, only available in beta branches

From my experience, a single bugged building will bug the entire building list. So try with narrowing what works and what not. Also, you will need to have the mods used in the building, and if the build was from a24 version it will not work in your a23 cause a24 has a new builder.

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take a look here if you dont know how to get the betabranch @Munchkin :

Ah, okay! So I’ll need to download mods outside of the workshop then. As for the building templates, you’re saying they may not be working because they’re from Alpha 23 not 24 which has a new builder? I suppose I’ll move some out and see what works and what doesn’t thus far. Thanks for the feedback, if you have any other advice I’d be glad to hear it!

or subscribe to the latest unstable version. to do this in steam, right click the game, propperties, under betas select latest. please do mind that its a beta, and there may ocasionally be some kinks in the cable. the devs try to update weekly.