Using Steam Workshop

So I have been trying to use the steam workshop to mod my Stonehearth game, and as far as I can tell the mods are not working. When I go into the game files, the mods are not in the mods section of the folder within the game files. But, when I go into my workshop files, I can see all the mods present in the Stonehearth workshop folder. This means, that when I launch the game, I can’t activate any of my mods, nor can I even see them. How do I solve this problem?

Mods works only on alpha 24. Alpha 23 isn’t supporting steam workshop

I am currently on alpha 24, but they still aren’t showing up

Do they show up in the Mods view within the game? Did you click from there to get to the Steam Workshop or were you going there directly through Steam or your browser?

They were not showing up in the mods view within game, and I was going directly through my Steam to the workshop to browse and download mods

In the Mods view, there are the three separate columns: Local Mods, Subscribed Workshop Mods, and Workshop Uploads. Downloading mods from the Workshop show up in the second column (and these are the ones stored in your workshop folder), whereas any that you manually put in your mods folder will show up along with the default ones that are already there in the first column.

Are the ones you got from the Workshop not showing up in the second column? If they are showing up, they might just not default to being checked on?

The view is in the settings correct? Because if so, then there are no columns that show up, and it shows only what is in the mod folder of the actual game files.

No, on the main screen of the game when you launch it, there should be a Mods button at the bottom of the list of big buttons on the right, under the New Game buttons for Singleplayer and Multiplayer.

There is no button for mods on my main menu. And in the bottom left, it says I’m using version 24, which I assume means alpha 24

Are you using the “latest” “Beta” in Steam?

No, I just realized that I had to do that.

I’m good now, thanks for the help

Sorry for the confusion. The latest build of A23 was a patch that already had the “A24” as version, but I think in the main logo at the right it should still say “A23”.

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