How to start modding for steam workshop

I open the mods tab, only to be confronted by:

I downloaded it via humble bundle (mainly out of habit, really), and then made a steam account.

It may be that downloading it via humble bundle disables making workshop mods. I hope not. If there is still a way that anyone knows of please tell me.

Thanks in advance,

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Open the game through Steam?

If you’re running the game using the Humble version, not the Steam version, then you’ll be using a different set of files to the ones Steam downloaded for you. If you get any mods from the Workshop, Steam will put them into the mods directory within the Steam version. If you go in there, you can copy the mods straight from that folder into the mods folder in your Humble/DRM free version of the game and they’ll work in both versions :merry:

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@YetiChow Thanks for the info, useful to know! But what if I wanted to go the other way around: transfer a mod from the humble bundle versionto the steam workshop. That is the question I’m currently interested in.

@BrunoSupremo OK so what I did was I installed Steam on my computer. I went to “Games”, “Add New Game” and I added the Stonehearth.exe file as a non-steam game. Did not work.

Edit: There is a prerelease Steam Code in humble Bundle, I’m going to try downloading Stonehearth through that.

You can reverse the trick too – you should be able to simply drop any mod into the mods folder within the Steam version of the game, and it should just run straight out of the box.

Buying the game through Humble will give you a Steam key, so you should be able to dig that out and unlock an “official” in-Steam copy. There’s no difference really, except that it will unlock trading cards and the overlay will be officially supported (it normally works with non-Steam games, but it won’t automatically bring up e.g. the Stonehearth community hub within the overlay.) With an official copy you’ll also have easier access to Workshop mods – you’ll be able to simply subscribe to them and Steam will magically make things work. It sounds like a major difference when put like that, although given that it’s not hard to do manually when you know how it’s only really a big deal for people not familiar with modding heheh.

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That thechnique worked to get the steam modding functionality to show up ingame. The rest showed itself. Thanks for the help.

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Because that is not the same as running through Steam. What you did was just adding a shortcut to Steam, but it was not being run by Steam. You need to actually “buy” (or get your key) and install the game through Steam systems.


You learn something every day. :slight_smile:

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Ok second problem (not sure if a new thread is needed)

Is there a reason that I can only publish friends only mods. (No, it is not: you need to select “Public”, I already tried that, steam just makes it a friends only in that case.)

Is it set to Public on the Steam Workshop page for the mod? On the right-hand side, in the Owner Controls section, the bottom option should be Change Visibility. Is that set to Public?


I found what you mean, so I’ll quickly change it to pub…

Nope, I just have the options ‘friend only’ and ‘hidden’. Huh?

Sorry its dutch

This is what I found when Googling (help: how do i change visibility to public of my item on workshop?):

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Alright then, no rights without pay. I see how it is.

Thanks for the help. I at least know now what the problem is. :slight_smile:

Well don’t just take my word for it, you can check Steam support to see if there’s another way to fully activate your account.

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After some searching I found the full article on account activation. It comes down to spending 5 USD or more of your own money in some way or another, no exceptions. It is very specifically to ensure any phishing, spamming and scamming accounts will have to pay money will have a more difficult time to do their phishing, spamming and scamming. For anyone who has issues with this in the future, this is what you need to do.