(r874) Block Removal issues in building editor

Removing a block from a template in the building editor will visually remove the block, but the template appears to think there is still a block there. If you try to add a block to an area you’ve removed things, it acts as though there are still things there.

Saving the template and adding it elsewhere doesn’t help. Closing the game and reopening doesn’t help (as well as being super inconvenient anyway). This issue has persisted for the last few patches and I’m hoping it gets fixed soon as it makes building anything interesting pretty impossible.

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Thanks for reporting!
I believe this has been mentioned elsewhere, I’ll merge the threads if I can find it.

I think @jamiltron was looking at this issue too.

I have a little bit of testing to do, but I think I have this fixed for an upcoming release.

Oh, fabulous! I’m so excited! I haven’t been able to play for a while! Lost all my templates and wanted to make some new ones for my little hearthlings haha :slight_smile: