Small changes or Small additions

small things you wont to changes or add

when you load a game the game gets moved to de top of game list. so you don’t overwrite the wrong game.

key shortcut for saving or overwriting.

speed up blacksmiths leveling.

have the ability to use potions if the are in a chest.

when using the slab tool have the ability when pushing down a key you can drag along the y axis instead of the x axis.


have the ability to stop placement of a Furniture.


ehh, why don’t you just brainstorm for a bit and put it all in one post instead of just replying here a bunch of times?


because the are various ideas. so you can comment on one thing and not all. so for example you can comment on blacksmiths leveling and not everything.

have the ability to remove walls, stars and roofs in the building designer that is not the undo button.


Hi @Maltek Welcome to the discourse, I hope you will fit right in

As you can see you can quote specific parts of others comments. Therefor this… splitting of words and stuff, are pretty useless. Just for the next time. And you can always make space like this


suggestion or idea. Or you can make number like this

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  2. for
  3. reading :smile:

P.S. good suggestions though


About the blacksmith leveling, I always choose a 6 mind hearthling for it and it levels quite fast. As long as I have already collected enough ore for the crafting, just making 10 each of the different ingots usually gets it to the iron, then the weapons and armor get it to steel. And the rest of the crafts gets it the rest of the way to 6, especially doing some silver/gold ingots from the mining already done. Usually any hold up in my blacksmith’s leveling has to do with not enough ores at times, so I have to go looking through the hills/mountains for the seams.

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Make a mod list in the game so you can see what mods you are using/ assets.

Rayyas children still need a carpenter to make the wind chime. Would be better if this was Potter to stand a fighting chance against the ogre army

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A planning tool so as to be able to draw out the design of the town, (road layout, house placement that sort of thing), before starting to build would be very useful.

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