What I've noticed with Alpha 6

First things first Alpha 6 is amazing. So amazing I finally made an account here to participate lol. I just want to say I am loving the sound effects & music, the character sheets, the level up perks, THE STONE BUILDINGS! So much good stuff I could go on but I wont.

I just want to point out that a “clean floor” command would be immensely helpful for nabbing those little stone morsels to finish this stone dinning hall I’m making. There is a general consensus amongst my towns folk that if it’s down that ladder or too far from home they will chop it, pick it, or mine it but going to get it and bringing it back falls way behind standing around town rocking back and forth on their heels. Letting the goblins have it seems like a bad decision.

Also I’ve got a slew of mean beds, and I know they are rough but I would imagine it’s better than sleeping on the floor which everyone is still doing.

One last suggestion, I’m noticing that the undeploy command is not working on this extra workbench I accidentally built. That is so far the only thing I’ve tried to use the new command with but its still here after several nights.

Once again I just have to say how much I love this update (and game). I’ve loved Stonehearth ever since I saw the kickstarter art, and while I was unfortunate enough to not find the kickstarter while it was live this is still my favorite town builder/fortress builder to play since Gnomoria. This update has really cemented in my heart this game, it’s all really coming together guys! GREAT FREAKING GAME!