A couple of bugs i've noticed

So i’m super glad that the Alpha has been released but I’ve noticed 2 issues and maybe someone can do something to help me with them?

  • When I open the alpha the UI doesn’t fit the screen, and when I change my screen resolution I can click some of the buttons such as placing the stockpile, but I can only see the corner of it.
  • If i line jobs up for people such as chopping wood, gathering berries and creating a house the villagers just seem to freeze and not do anything

Otherwise looks great looking forward to future updates =]


For the resolution question, as some others also have that issue.

Those bugs have been adressed here -> [NLA] Alpha 1 - Resolution Issues and here-> Settlers randomly stop doing everything you can like their posts so developers known they are common bugs.
The official bug forum is here-> http://www.stonehearthguru.com/forums/alpha-beta-testing-nexus/support/bug-reports
You can comment there if you want. Maybe add your system information, although this bugs seem more a problem of optimization.

Will add some bugs to the list.

  1. When moving the camp fire the characters ignore it, not sure if this could be a priority thing though.

  2. When building a simple room, characters will leave the room unfinished and just stand around.

  3. Characters get hungry very quickly, picking berries will only lasy a very short time until you have to pick more to feed them.

  4. Carpenter regularly gets stuck when making an item, have to trash the item to start again to get him/her to continue making an item.

I second that … plus you can move the camp fire multiple times … the “move event” stays visible several times also.