What's really in the Alpha?

I know alphas and Beta are limited content and all and I am suppose to contribute, report bug and participate in the development. But Currently I’m only able to place a workbench, some fences, a pre-made house, more work benches and another stockpile. Also It seems I’m only able to gather berries and wood, not stone.

I must ask you guys to fill me in on what I actually can build and do in the Alpha.

For the record, I really just now realized the huge potential this game has. Best wishes and I’ll do what I can to contribute.

You have summed up most of everything included in the first Alpha release. It was basically Radiant getting their feet wet. They were seeing what was what in terms of bugs and also it has helped with getting the bug reporting structures in place.

I’m sure in the next couple weeks most of the major bugs in this release will be squashed and then some new content will start to trickle in.

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As @twip has said that is basically everything available in the Alpha.

Radiant has spent a lot of time working on the game core mechanics. By creating this solid foundation and allowing us to bug test it will make it easier for them to start adding new content into the game in the near future. :smile:

Awesome! I’ll stick around fo’sho!

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Glad to hear that! Radiant has some amazing ideas in store for this game! That and what the community has already came up with as mod ideas is very awesome. Glad to have you around. :blush:

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