Kickstarter Backer Pets Pack - Request for Player Assistance

Hey Folks!

We are getting ready for the 1.0 launch coming up soon, and one of the things on our “to-do list” is to get out the kickstarter pets pack which was promised so long ago in the time of old (only if you backed with 15$ or more). With that in mind, we have just activated the mod on Humble Bundle for people to download and try out. We will be making a real announcement post a bit later - this post is just to ask if you Discourse folks would be kind enough to try out the download early and make sure you can install it properly and that everything is working. If you folks could post any issues you are seeing with this mod (if any), we would appreciate it : D.

To test this mod: Once you get into the game you should see an option to “Include a random exotic pet” on the “Select starting resources” page as below. Just make sure the check mark is clicked and you should be good to go. Be wary - some of the pets require food that isn’t so easy to maintain, so it can be a little rougher on the outset of creating your new community while all of your hearthlings sacrifice food to keep your special pet alive ; ).

If you need help getting back to your Humble Bundle download, please reference our post from 2013: Download the Stonehearth Alpha (also, FAQ)!

Thank you!


At first - for all they search it - you will find it in your library as an own Pack. There you will find an Smod, which you can download and add to the modfolder in your gamefolder.

So now to the Test: 3 Starts - First Green Dragon, then Cougar and at last DuckDuck - so its working ^^

Little easy Quiz - which of them is my Pet :wink:

Maybe an AI Issue: But my little Pet DuckDuck fears the other DuckDuck and flees for him xD

Ok only DuckDuck fears the DuckDuck ^^

My Collie doesnt fear him


no problems here, but I would like to see an indication of which pet you are starting with, depending on starting race and biome it can be exceedingly hard to keep some of the pets alive.


Understandable, but sadly this is how it will stay : /. It is a bit more of a challenge at times, but at least we were able to get in the buff that says what things the animal eats. Thank you for checking for us : D

Thanks for checking : ). That’s strange that the duckduck would be scared - maybe its not used to seeing another duckduck wearing clothes ; D

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I started with the little dragon. Question is will it grow in a big dragon, that can fight? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha, no, no large form for them sadly ; ).

New idea for a mod? Raise cute pets to brutal fighting machines?

So also no big mammoth pet like in some screen team stonehearth posted in the early days?

Brutal dragon… more like peace loving dragon who start the fire for a cozy campfire

lol, i think someone beat us to that game, its called POKEMON ; D

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Maybe, but can you let pokemon attack real Orks or Goblins?
Clear winning point for HearthMon!

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Nope, sadly the large mammoth didn’t make it in. The baby mammoth actually wasn’t supposed to get in, but Max hacked it a bit ; )


My friend and I are playing together and I have the pet pack as a backer but he does not. The game will not allow him to join if I have the pack enabled. I’m assuming this is because it’s considered a mod and we would have to have the same mods to play together…

shouldnt happen because this mod is client only - so it shouldnt be shown if someone tries to join or you join someone.

edit: ok its really blocking …

Couldn’t the friend just put the smod in his mod folder and be fine?
I know, kickstarter reward, but this is annoying.

We’ll take a look, thanks for reporting!

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tested with upload the mod as hidden on steam - will still shown to the joiner ^^ i dont know why it doesnt accept the client_only option

I wonder if it has to do with the fact that it is a local mod, as opposed to a workshop mod.:thinking:
But still, if it has the client_only flag it should work, just like debugtools.

If it still shows even as a workshop mod, then the client_only flag might have broken.

ok tested with german translation and pets from steam - it will be shown both as needed ^^

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Correct, client_only doesn’t work in a very useful or expected way. Every mod the server has running, including client_only mods, is forced to be enabled on clients joining. This includes the debug_tools mod. If you have these mods, the server will force-enable them if you had them disabled. The only thing client_only works for is the client having extra mods that the server doesn’t have.