Kickstarter Backer Pets Pack - Request for Player Assistance

@Wiese2007, just to confirm, the version of the Kickstarter pets mod that you have has the client_only flag, right?
I think we added it recently, not sure if the version uploaded to HB might have lacked it at the beginning.

Hey if there is a baby with the correct skeleton, big one shouldn’t be too hard to mod in…

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yes it has client_only^^ but like said in the test also the german translation was shown as needed and it has also the client_only flag

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If you don’t care about it moving or looking differently then yeah its really easy - just change the scale value to a higher number and you’re done. However, it only has like 3 animations: idle, run, and sneeze I believe. And the run is pretty silly (I did it super quick just because we needed something a long time ago), so it doesn’t move like a large animal would move.


Pleeeease do this! I loved that original screenshot of the mammoth too