Kickstarter Pets

Hi guys!
A friend and myself will be sharing the 50$ tier to get 2 versions of the game. As we both want those companions (puppy, kitten, dragon, mammoth) we’d like to ask whether that tier contains 2 times pet rewards or if we should get 2 lower tiers separately?
Thanks for the help!

I quote from the Kickstarter page of Stonehearth:
“Any beta copy is entitled to the kitten or puppy rewards for that tier. For $45 pledges both game copies get their choice of puppy or kitten, and for $50+ pledges both game copies get both the puppy and the kitten.”


Will we all get the dragon? Or do you have to have pledged a certain amount?

From the kickstarter:

"Dragon Whelp Bonanza: All backers at the $15 level and higher will receive a hyperactive baby dragon. Warning: may take centuries to mature. "


And I’m guessing since you get one of everything else if you do $45+, then both will get the dragon.

yes, at the $45 tier, it would be two beta copies, which mature to two full release copies… and both copies will have the mammoth (first pet stretch goal reward), the dragon whelp (second pet stretch goal reward) as well as either a kitten -or- puppy…

Will having Pets when you start a game be a choice?

A bit of topic, but I think everyone considering getting the 45$ tier should get the 50$ since you get a kitten -and- a puppy with 2 beta keys and 2 full releases! 45$ might be interesting if you’re really short on cash but need 2 beta keys though.

i think they are still working through that option… how many pets do you start with each game, etc.

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My issue is, I don’t care that much about both pets. I only did the $45 because I wanted to betas, but that’s just me.