I need my kitten

This has probably been asked (and answered) about a million times by now, but do we have an ETA on my kitten pet? I backed Stonehearth on kickstarter at $30 and was just curious (I know it most likely won’t be available until release, but hey!) It can never hurt to ask and finally say something in this community after 2 years.

hey there @whitecrayon … welcome aboard!

we don’t have an official ETA on the campaign pet rewards… if I were a betting man, probably not for another 3-4 alphas… stay tuned! :smile:

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Tom had been working on getting the models for the Pets animated in the tuesday/thursday streams and they plan on adding them as an option for kickstarter backers in the new Embark screen. He was thinking they’d probably just be a “free purchase” from the item store where you decide what items you start the campaign with.