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Thank you to all our supporters for helping out!

Here’s the full link: Stonehearth by Radiant Entertainment —Kickstarter

Where is the R8 level?

Trending toward 214%!!!

Really hope this gets funded.

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when are we likely to have the access to the beta, will it be on the 30th of may?

We’re still working on a lot of the core game play. We hope to have something beta-worthy by the end of the year, at the latest, with a full release coming in 2014. Thanks!

currently projected at making $733,808. which is 611% never know, at the way this is growing you may make it to $1,000,000

Ranked number five on KickTraq’s “Hot List” for today.

Ranked number two on KickTraq’s “Hot List” for today.

Heh – after just two days – “94% funded, $112,900 pledged, 28 days to go”

Lookin’ good, Messers Tom and Tony!

gone up to 1000% now lawl, sick looking concept guys cant wait for the funzies

If i kickstart a certain amount, do i actually get the full game when its released? So its like i donate and get the game as a reward? Would love to if so, please reply through message or something to me, thanks in advance

Yep - If you donate $15 or more you will get a copy of the game.

Taken from the kickstarter for $15 tier reward:

“Backer - Digital download of the full game when it is ready for release…”

If you choose to donate more, you’ll get other rewards, the $25 tier for example will give you 2x copies of the game; the $30 tier will give you access to the Beta (plus everything from the lower tiers).

$100 will net you a physical copy of the game.

Look through the tier rewards on the right hand side of the [url]kickstarter[/url] page.

Thanks a bunch for the fast reply, off to get my wallet now for a donation :smiley:

Ha, no worries, had the forums open so I thought I’d help you out!

Just so ya know, some of the tiers offer you a pet kitten/puppy as a reward, you will get to choose which one you have - so don’t worry if you are thinking of donating $30 but want a puppy instead of a kitten!

Went from the $30 package, good luck with the game, excited to get it in the next year. Any idea of when the beta will be out?

I’m pretty sure they’re aiming for before the end of the year for the beta.

Thats great, is there any way i can get more involved beforehand? This looks great

I’m really not sure - suggestions I suppose are always good! We’ll just have to wait and see what is needed!