Paypal for stonehearth help

What kind of Email do i get?
why my name didnt show up on kickstarter for backers?
i also payed 45

Hi, PayPal and Kickstarter are separate systems. After the Kickstarter funding period ends, there is no ability to change the Kickstarter page or status of backers.
if you made a payment through PayPal, currently you do not get any confirmation other than your PayPal receipt. If you have any questions, currently you can get a pretty good response from

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ok thx :slight_smile: do i still the demos right ?

As you donated $45 you will get two copies of the Beta, which turn into two copies of the full release.

You will also get the other bonuses, such as the cat/ dog, the dragon whelp, the baby mammoth.

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i hate to pick that nit, but just to be 100% clear (as there was so much confusion in the campaign comments), at that level you get either the dog -or- cat… i’m not sure the “/” universally translates into “or”…

i know, i know… thunderdome… whimpers

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You are rapidly earning a spot on that list of mine @SteveAdamo. Keep it up. See what happens.

But in all seriousness, you are right. It did cause a bit of confusion during the kickstarter, so just to clarify the $45 tier grants you the dog [size=40] OR [/size]cat.