Paid after kickstarter

I paid after the kickstarter had finished the 30$ teir and got an email saying i did but i didnt get an actual copy of the beta at all not in spam ethier. Am i stupid or just missing something.

The beta releases in December, when it is released they will send you instructions on how to obtain it

as @Warstories said, the beta is estimated for a December release, with the public release in September 2014… i would advise you to hold on to your email with the PayPal transaction ID as well… just in case you need it down the road… :slight_smile:

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i never got that email…

yes you did, it is that email

oh dam >.< i didn’t see something ok ive got it

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Hi im from south Africa and I only found out about stonehearth very recently (6 June) and I obviously know that the kickstarter is over, but I was however very interested in the game and contributing. Since that doesn’t seem to be possible, I would like to know if there would be anyway to purchase the game in the future as well as acquiring some of the other features included in the tiers, like the kitten and puppy for example. if not, I understand why, but if there is a possibility, I would like to know how.

@Rudska You can still contribute via PayPal and get the same goodies as from Kickstarter. You can find more details here.


Thanks, but I went there and this is what it said “Paypal contributions DO count toward our Kickstarter stretch goals, up to the end of the Kickstarter campaign on May 29th” so im not sure if I can or cant contribute

@Rudska The page is “lying” :-p. It was mentioned that PayPal will remain active for 2 weeks after Kickstarter ends and that you will be eligible for the same goodies.

Let me see if I find you the quote for that… here we go. This is confirmed in one of the last news:

For those of you still wishing to pledge to the campaign, we’re
leaving the PayPal page up for the next two weeks. All the rewards are
identical to the original Kickstarter. This is just an alternate
method of payment.

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how about a campaign quote for good measure:

I wish we could make it easier to make it clear that we’re still
accepting PayPal pledges, but we can’t do it through the main KS page.

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Hi there.
I helped kickstart stonhearth back in may and i vaguely remember getting a confirmation email. I deleted it recencelt by accident after a email clear up. Hope this doesn’t affect my beta access or do i get another email with information.

secondly after registering with my email here on the forums, it says i need to verify it, and i should have a verification email sent to that address, i’ve waited for a few days now and nothing has come through, i even emailed the support team.
But no response. I ended up having to write this message using my gmail account, which is not registered to the email i used to kickstart the game with.

Will this cause a problem for getting beta access later in december?


welcome aboard! :smile:

assuming you can access the email you used to kickstart the game, you should be all set… and we will likely receive emails as we get closer to the preview release (beta), as well as the public release…

your account here does not need to have the same email as what you used to kickstart the game… fear not, you should be in good shape! :smiley:

wonderful news :).

I’ve been looking forward to this since i saw you wanting it greenlit on steam. I’ve been soo looking forward to a sandbox RTS city building game. :smile:

Thank you SteveAdamo for your quick response, and ofc making this highly anticipated game.


you are quite welcome… but im not one of the developers… just an over-excited fan, who spends an inordinate amount of time on the forums… :blush:

haha so i guess you share the same pain i have been suffering since i have been waiting for this game? :stuck_out_tongue:
Meh, i wont clutter this thread any longer.
Happy reading!