How to back via Paypal?

I am very very interested in this game, however can’t find a paypal link anywhere to back this game. Only reason I’m looking for Paypal over buying from the main site is that $60 is a little too steep for me and I’d like to get the alpha for my girlfriend as well ($45 option on the Kickstarter… MIGHT be able to swing the $50).

Is it too late for me to do this? And if I do only buy the $30 option from the main site (for alpha access, of course), will I still get the perks as if I were a Kickstarter backer? (Specifically the pets: dog/cat/dragon/mammoth)

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I might be wrong but I believe the pets are a kickstarter exclusive and that the best you can do is buy the alpha. I may be wrong though. I know your pain though, I was late as well.

hey there @Dobalu… you can access the payment options right from the official homepage…

there’s the $15 price for the full release in Sep, or $30 for alpha access now…

PayPal is an option right there as well, but regardless of the option you choose, you would not receive any of the campaign perks…

have fun! :smiley:

Sorry but I don’t think you are able to get the pets.

I appreciate the help. Turns out I misread the FAQ regarding the Kickstarter campaign, where it said if you paid before June 12th you’d get the perks. Completely missed that it was written in May 2013 rather than May 2014. I’ll just have to wait a little before I can splurge on two copies of the game. Thanks again!