Paypal backing question

Right, saw the game on sjins video, and it got me hyped right away, this is like my most favorite games…combined in one game! which is just amazing, anyway! the question i have is, i saw that i can back trough paypal, no worries there, but what concerns me is the little dragon pet i saw on the kickstarter page that has the text “kickstarter backers” next to it.

now i want to know, if i back trough paypal (i cant back trough kickstarter unfortunately) , i would get the same rewards as if i would back trough kickstarter.

This kind of depends on how much i’m going to back trough paypal, hence why i’m asking :smile:


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Hi Kolnedra! Yes, the devs have verified that all rewards from kickstarter to paypal are identical. Donate quick before we run out of time :wink:

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and so i will :), thanks, thats all i needed to know

next question: will donating through paypal be available after the kickstarter ends? o.0

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I’d like to direct you to this:

Basically, they are considering what they will do with PayPal post Kickstarter, but nothing decided. At least from me interpretation of it.

PS. I believe it’s considered off topic to not ask stuff in a new thread. The general idea is small simple questions are answered somewhere and found using the search function. Notice that mention link is not bookmarked but found using search myself.

Ok so I am a bit new to this donating to a game in progress. I notice that we would be able to donate after the kickstart is done. How do I go about doing this with paypal.

If you can donate through kickstarter - if you have an amazon account all you do is pay through that, then I would suggest to do that as it’s a lot easier to manage, and receive communication from Radiant.

If you can’t for whatever reason, or you just don’t wish to then you’re able to pledge through paypal.

To do this all you need to do is go to this page: Kickstarter Maddness! Vote for Stonehearth on Steam Greenlight! – Stonehearth choose your tier and go for it,

Be aware though that once you choose a paypal tier you won’t be able to alter it, so if you pledged for the $30 tier through paypal for example, you then wouldn’t be able to change that to the $50 tier.

Hope that clears it up for you!