Did kick stater in the extended period

Hi, did the $45 kickstarter thing but was after it had closed and I seen you guys had to manually add people in that 1 month or so time frame

I did paypal in that time and only have the recipt is that right or was there any sort of email from you guys as well.

Should be in the beta as I take it? and get other stuff as well I guess I can’t remember Stonehearth Settler Backing, Buddy Pack

I’m posting this here because I don’t know how to do a PM via this forum.

Please wait while someone intelligent in this field comes to answer your question


welcome aboard @zagan1! :smile:

im terribly sorry, but i couldnt quite grasp what you are asking… if you pledged $45 during the campaign, either via Kickstarter or PayPal, then you will receive all the benefits of the beta buddy backer tier:

  • 2 beta accounts in Dec 2013, which turn into
  • 2 full accounts in Sep 2014

you also get all the stretch goals, etc.

if i read correctly, you have the PayPal receipt, with your transaction ID? if so, you are all set, and would not have received any other emails from Radiant at this time… you will likely receive something as we get closer to beta in December…

im going to leave this open for a while, so you can respond if you have any other questions (as you wont be able to PM me or @Geoffers747 just yet)…

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@SteveAdamo I think he meant the period after the ending of the kickstarter where Radient let the paypal option run for a couple of weeks. If you get the same rewards as during the kickstarter. Which is the case I think, but not 100% sure.

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ahh, you may be correct… if thats what @zagan1 was asking for, that is indeed the case…

if you pledged for the two weeks after the campaign concluded, you are still eligible for all the benefits of the $45 tier…

fear not, you should be all set! :+1: