Hmm Question about the Tier Rewards

I’m sure this has been answered some where but I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. So my buddy and I did the 50$ tier…

So with the 50$ Tier do we both get all those rewards or just one of us? It doesn’t seem clear.

Don’t worry, both copies should receive the tier rewards:

" For $45 pledges both game copies get their choice of puppy or kitten, and for $50+ pledges both game copies get both the puppy and the kitten."

There is an old thread here, it seems a bit redundant to merge them now.

See that was what I was trying to communicate earlier. My HB page doesn’t have any of the other 50$ tier rewards for download. I guess I didn’t communicate that clearly earlier.

The tier rewards aren’t available just yet so don’t worry!

Well the reason I was asking is because if you look at the thread that has the “test download page” it shows all the rewards. It looks nothing like the one in Download the Stonehearth Alpha (also, FAQ)!.

You mean this image?

What tier does it say you’ve purchased on the humble page? It should say something like "Stonehearth ($xx Tier).

It doesn’t say anything… even though we got the 50$ Tier awhile back. My friend is the one that used his paypal for this one. I am the one that usually does it but he did it while we were talking about it. So he just sent me the link this morning… and that is the page i got.

just curious… have you logged into Steam to claim that page yet?

Hmm … I’m not sure what the gifted people see.

@Relyss does yours say $50 backer?

If it is supposed to say $50 backer then there might be an issue there which needs resolving, if it isn’t meant to say that and only the ‘main’ purchaser of the game sees it then there is no problem.

did you have logged into humble bundle to claim that page? On your screenshot it says you did not.

Yeah I claimed the key… its on my steam page right now Steve and yeah Geoffers that is what my main question is… I know it shows that both of us get the rewards but the “gifted” key doesn’t see any of what main person “supported” the game.

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I just claimed it… and it still didn’t change the look of it… It still looks the exact same as the page I posted.

Yer, I’m unsure what it is those who have received the gift copy are supposed to see.

Can you screenshot your humble page for me?

Make sure to blank out any revealing information.

what does you library say on humble bundle. Left click your name (top right) and then library. It should say in there what tier you purchased.

I have the same page as the screenshot of @Zarx. I did claim the page in Humble Bundle and the account is linked to my Steam account.

This is one above… that is exactly what I see with the gifted copy. The only thing that has changed is now I am signed into to and the above page has been “claimed.” Ill upload the picture again.

Ah okay, so it doesn’t say anything about rewards?

@Zarx - don’t panic then. I pledged $50 and see the rewards on my page, I gifted my copy to @Relyss who does not see the rewards.

Your friend should be able to see the rewards but you won’t, don’t panic, you’ll still get them! :slight_smile:

@SteveAdamo this is one to add to the answer bank.


Its just very well confusing. With the way its worded and shows ya know? It would make more sense if the “gifted” copies saw the exact same thing as the non gifted copy.

I don’t think it’s confusing as such … I think it’s more that there’s nothing about what the recipients of the gift key should see on their claimed page. Apologies that it’s been a bit all over the place, at least we’ve sorted it out now!

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Well maybe we should get the devs to list it or get it changed so people won’t have the same questions as I do.

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