Kick-starter question

hey i was wondering because i seen that the kick starter thing ended but there is the link to the other page for people who were late im just wondering if its still possible to get these packages because i only found out about the game recently and the packages still work any feedback would be nice.

also i have another question related to the current question if you buy the package for $45 so you get 2 beta keys and 2 full game keys do you get a pet for both me and my friend or not just asking :smile:

first, welcome aboard! :smile:

my advice, go for it… the page is still accessible for some reason… :smiley:

yes, for the $45 pledge, both games get their choice of either the cat or dog, in addition to all the unlocked pets (mammoth and dragon whelp)…

Both game copies get your choice of a puppy or kitten in-game

well if i do buy it now since its still accessible they cant really turn me down i guess don’t you think ?

i dont want to steer you down the wrong path, or give you the wrong information… my gut tells me, if the link is still available, they will honor the transaction… but again, i just dont know for sure… :cold_sweat:

well thanks for the feedback i guess the worst that can happen is they will just refund me and tell me to buy the game when its out but i don’t think the devs will decline something that was there fault but again thanks for the help :smile:

my pleasure… :smiley:

and for what its worth, radiant is intending to offer the the game (both $30 beta and $15 retail access) via Humble Bundle … the only difference being that the Kickstarter rewards would not be offered via HB…

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Through Humble Bundle? Really? I may have to get an extra copy of the game (can’t have too many copies. Just keep addicting more people to it…) just to support their decision to do that.

yes m’am… no specifics on timeframes (that i recall), but that is indeed the plan… :smiley:

and @Corruptskillz … a little birdie told me that my assumption was correct… should you place an order via the PayPal link, it will be honored…

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That is great :smiley: cant wait for the game and cant wait for my pet dog :stuck_out_tongue:

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just wondering do you know if you can stack your purchases to get the higher tier rewards like i payed $45 for the 2 passes of beta and full game could i pay the extra $5 to get the $50 package or not do you think ?

I have in my mind that this was possible in the past (to upgrade your support, so to say). However, with the official deadline reached for the PayPal contribution… everything you do, you do under your own responsibility :smiley:.

yes, i think its best to operate under the assumption that you can only pledge for one specific tier…

fair enough il stick with what i got then since i can consider myself lucky i got what i got xD

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