Kickstarter rewards

I only recently found out about this game and decided to buy the alpha, as i was looking at the game i noticed that it was on kick starter awhile ago so I’m wondering because i got the alpha does that mean that i can get the rewards for the kick starter or not. I would really love nothing more to have a pet cat, mammoth and baby dragon in this game.

Sorry, You don’t. Only those who got Alpha in the Kickstarter did.

awww :frowning: thats a shame but thanks anyway.

Your welcome. Always ready to help out!

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you should still be able to tame pets in the future when the animals are implamented as of right now your trapper has a chance to tame on of the little critters he catches

and it would be good for funding to add purchasable items or such if team radiant chooses to do so but the kickstarter rewards should stay a thing for the people that helped this game become a thing


hey there @Scrimy … welcome aboard! :smile:

as @taklu mentioned, there will be other options for having in-game pets…

the Kickstarter campaign simply offered some varieties that will be exclusive to those backers… have fun! :+1:

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