How do i get my kicksterter stuf like pets

hello i have baght the 50$ pack on kickstater way back and i dont have anny of the extras yet not even the poster or anny pets the humblebundle page still sais comming soon and the poster and stuf on september 2014 but there are no codes or anything i realy want to know how i can get my extras

Hey there @Grinze, welcome to the Discourse! (at least your first post :smile:) I will not be of any help for Kickstarter, but @SteveAdamo or @Relyss might…

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at the moment they ae not ready ^^ they have thinked they would finish the game till sep14 but we are still not in the beta :wink: after full release they will give the kickstarter extras to us.


i assume you mean the physical extras.

as the in-game rewards (like the pets) should be in the game for the kickstarter backers before the final release…

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