How Will We Receive Our Backer Rewards?

I am a $30 Backer. It says that I would receive a Kitten and a Dragon Whelp. I think I would also get a Mammoth Whelp too. I would like to know how I would receive these Rewards. Would I receive them through Humble-Bundle, or through Steam?

We are still working on this. We will let everyone know when we figure it out. :slight_smile:


Also, it said that there will be an “Exclusive Backer Forum”. What do you mean by this and how will you execute this. You guys haven’t said anything about it and it is said to be delivered by this Month.

The Curse forum at is actually the forum you mention. If you’re a backer, or a purchaser of the beta, you get a special frame around your name.

Last December, we did think about making a forum that was only visible to people with Kickstarter access but we decided against it because we didn’t want to split the conversation between people who had found us during the Kickstarter and people who found us during the beta, but were playing the exact same game.


How will the Software know if you are a Backer?

Radiant is providing lists to their folks at Curse who (initially) were manually creating those special tier backers… I believe the process is a bit more automated at this point though…

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So, if I join right now, I wouldn’t be noticed as a Backer?

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couldn’t tell you for sure… one way to find out… :wink:

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i backed as well so this is cool. it will be cool to have a lite Dragon Whelp i remember whine they were modeling it lol


The process is still, unfortunately, partly manual.


Hey, if I join SHG, can I choose a different Username from the one I have here? I know if I choose the same one, I would be more Recognizable, but I am getting bored of my current Username.

As far as I know the forums are not linked, so you should be free to chose any name you want over there.

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is it a dragon whelp for 30$ tier? cause on the humble bundle it’s saying mammoth pet. am confused…

Edit: okay, so looking at the kickstarter, i get not only my baby mammoth, but also a dragon whelp. Sounds like a nice collection of pets for my nice citizens.

also for anyone wondering where i got this info,

"Mammoth Bonanza: All backers at the $15 level and higher will receive a cuddly baby Mammoth pet! Dragon Whelp Bonanza: All backers at the $15 level and higher will receive a hyperactive baby dragon. Warning: may take centuries to mature. "

Did you back during the Kickstarter? I’m assuming yes, otherwise you wouldn’t have any pets … anyway.

Everybody who pledged over $15 will receive the mammoth and dragon whelp, as detailed in their descriptions on the Kickstarter page.

$30+ backers will also have the choice between a cat and dog, I know it says you will just receive a cat but I believe somewhere a while back Tom said that there would be a choice of the two.

$50+ will also receive both the puppy and cat, meaning that they get all four pets.

Hope that clears that up.

Like @sdee said there might be a bit of manual lifting but I believe if you use the same email you pledged during the Kickstarter with you will have the “backer” title, if not one of us can manually allocate you it.

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Oh, good. I changed my Email quite a couple times and I forgot the original Email I used to back SH.

it will not make me backer on . . . . … . . what do i do?

molster over on the SHG forums should be able to help you out…

here’s the relevant thread on the forums…

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my Email is the same as the one i used to back the game.

This thread is depresing to me!!!

I backed so i would get pets and two copies of the game (not sure how much it was) and then lost my email but i figured eh, no problem, i will just give the awesome team radiant some more of my mony. But then this litle bugger(thread) poped up and reminded me of the fact that i will never see my litle dragon fighting with the litle mamouth and me panicing over it.

you lost the confirmation email from Kickstarter that shows you pledged, or you lost access to the email account associated with the campaign?