How Will We Receive Our Backer Rewards?

The emai account ; (

that’s unfortunate… :cry:

no chance of contacting support with the email account? have you simply forgotten the password?

It said that someone ells was accesing it so i had it locked and when i tryed to retreve it i was unable to sins it asked questions like who where the three most resent people you sent emails to and what was the topic and so on and sins i dont use my email for anything but registering for games and steam and stuff i dont have anything like that so the AI concluded that i unfortunetly could not be given access.

I forgot the Username AND the Password to my former Email Account. :cry:

Wait, could I just tell Radiant to send the Rewards to my new Email Account? :question:

Well… the issue here might be @EpicDwarf, that you should be able somehow to “proof” that you are eligible. No chance to reset the old account?

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I’m going to see if I can try to remember my old Email and Password.

I am a $30 Backer, and that is the lowest Tier where you get access to the Alpha and Beta. I can show you guys Pictures of the Alpha that I took.

I got into one of my old Accounts that I am somewhat sure could be the one that I backed the Game, but the last time I was on it, I remember deleting my Inbox, and the Confirmation Letter was one of the Emails.

I do not have the Email that was sent to me as well but i do have the game and i have videos of me playing it on January 16th

excellent… all you need do is follow the instructions provided here, and you should be all set! :smiley:

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I put in my old Email, and I was Redirected to another Page with a Link to another Page where I can get my Key.

Instead of my Key, I got this:

So, I sign in, I forgot the Username and Password, so I go put in my Old Email so I can Reset my Password.

I get this Email:

I am still wondering if I made an Account or not, and how do I get my Key.

Also, I have already used the Key for my Steam, but I want to use the Key for the Digital Rewards.

Anyway, help?

And yes, that is a lot of Extensions.

there are no digital rewards to be claimed just yet, other than the alpha client… so, if you have already secured that via Steam, then you are good to go for now… :wink:

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In the very worst case, you certainly should have some sort of “proof of purchase”, such as a bill or any sort of receipt really.

If you don’t, I would say that’s an unfortunate lesson to be learned regarding how you spend money and keep your private things, well, private.

On that note, I highly doubt that any sort of AI would ask questions such as “Whom did you last send emails to?” and “What was the content?” as this is not only confidential (and quite probably a breach of the privacy of correspondence law) but impossible for an AI to determine.

Something’s odd here.

Also, regarding @EpicDwarf’s issue: HumbleBundle allows you to “claim” keys (i.e. the page you’re looking at). Once claimed, they can only be accessed by the account they were claimed on. Did you add it to any Humble Bundle account of yours?

Otherwise, somebody else might have.

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Ah, so if I already secured it through Steam, I’m good to go and I’ll receive my Backer Rewards?

If so, I don’t have anything to worry about.

Also @RepeatPan, yes I should’ve been more careful and private about backing SH, but again, SH was the first project I’ve ever backed and before that, I never even heard of Kickstarter or Humble Bundle.

There’s nothing wrong about talking about backing something or buying something on Humble Bundle… The question is just if you ever gave that link (with the keys) to somebody else.

In your situation, I would ask myself if I have the Humble Bundle account this reward was claimed on (preferably with the same e-mail as your kickstarter account?) - and if you don’t, contact the support and ask for it to be linked to your own account (it might be necessary that you show some sort of proof that it is indeed your account).


OK then. I’ll try that.

I would say so… yes… :+1:

Yey! Now I don’t have to cry in a corner wishing that I had a Virtual Kitten!

wait so what about steam?

If you already got your Humble Bundle Key that you got through the Kickstarter, and input the Key into Steam to get access to the Alpha of Stonehearth, then the Digital Rewards will I guess automattically get sent to you through Steam.

oh yay! thats good!!!