Alpha 1 General Questions [the common stuff goes here]!


zombies (undead), absolutely… :smiley:

ghosts? its certainly possible, but we havent heard any specifics…


well you can get hold of a bluetooth mouse for a few quid. just make sure you can connect using internal bluetooth as opposed to the dongle they provide.
simply click the bluetooth icon on the bottom right “icon tray thing”. follow the options to scan for a device. it will pick up the mouse and your away!
i know the mighty mouse from apple works from internal so it cant be the only one


you’ll obviously have to have bluetooth built in… if so, perhaps one of these might help?


Surely the only way to get a blue-toothed mouse would be to leave out blue-coloured slushes for them? I’m not really sure why you’d want to though…:confounded:


i just purchased your game but i have no download link need help please


hi there @thedude767… welcome aboard! :smile:

have you taken a look at this thread? try using the Humble Bundle key resender suggestion, and let us know if this works for you…


I hope we will find mods in the steam workshop! :smile:
Its soooo much fun browsing the mods in skyrim and the ease of just clicking the button to install them.


indeed… and who knows, we might just see this! :smile:

i am really interested in seeing where Radiant decides to go with making mods available/accessible to the community…


I actually wanted to know two things… 1. One of my people got stuck on my carpenter’s bench. Is this a bug? And 2… Can I craft cloth beds yet, or do I have to wait for sheep to come out?


@timeforgaming the stucked worker might belong to the know bug of workers getting stucked. Not too much you can do about. For me it helps sometimes to wait until he gets hungry or sleepy. This activities have a higher priority and “free up” the worker sometimes. However, might work or not.

Without modding Stonehearth, you cannot craft cloth beds at the moment. But it is not that difficult to “enable” this feature :wink:.


I’m not to good at coding, and I’m using steam so it makes it really hard to mod things…

edit: And as for the bug… The person who was stuck is now sleeping in a bed but I think one of the other people moved her.


this isnt implemented yet, but will be coming soon (the weaver class should be revealed next, along with sheep and a few other woodland animals)…

it makes no difference if you are are playing SH via Steam or HB… its the same client, and the steps involved in modding are identical… if you are really curious, @voxel_pirate has a number of helpful tutorials on diving into the process… :wink:


As I said… I’m not that good at coding… But I am learning coding!


Actually I did not mention this one (yet) in a tutorial :wink:.

If you really want to do it, take a look into the recipe-folder belonging to the carpenter. If you open the “comfy_bed_recipe.json”, you can see that it requires 4 “wood resources” and 3 “cloth resources” to create the upgraded version of the bed. The easiest way is to delete the whole “cloth resources”-requirement (including the brackets around this entry and the comma of the entry before). This way you should be able to craft the bed without having any cloth resources.


Oh thnx! I’ll check out your tutorial if I have time.

edit: Umm… I can’t find the recipes folder…


Should be here: “…\Stonehearth\mods\stonehearth\entities\professions\carpenter\recipes”


Oh ok… I hope I don’t mess this up…

edit: There are only 2 files in the folder called mods?


… ok, let’s start with the basics :wink:.

You need to rename the file stonehearth.smod to Afterwards you unzip it and you will find a folder called “stonehearth” which includes only 1 folder called “mods”. For this one you can apply the folder-structure as described above.

Maybe that helps with where you are “stucked” at the moment.


Oh ok I guess? I’ll try that.

edit: What do I open the file with?
Ok I opened the file with notepad… and I deleted the stuff in the brackets… When I play stonehearth again I can check if it works.
Although actually… maybe I could make the recipe include berries instead of cloth? Strange idea…


Well, actually you can use any tool which can unzip… just google for it and chose your favorite.