Map not loading

I can’t get to the map after world build,the game closes down,any ideas?

Could you be more descriptive in what it’s doing?

  • What steps do you do to cause said crash?
  • What version are you running?
  • What are your computer specs?
  • Do you have an pictures to show what’s going on?

I start the game title screen , pick a place to start, world generation goes through. Its at the point of the world starting the game closes.I had no problem with Alpha 9 .Alpha 10 is the one i’m running. Can’t take a Picture it just happens. I don’t even see the world. It never goes past the World generation screen.
Intel ®.HD Graphic 4000
Intel ® core i3 3217u cpu 1.80gig 64 bit operating system x64 base processor

Really not trying to be mean here, but your system just may be a little too underpowered for it. 1.8 dual core, with basic graphics processing I honestly don’t feel could cut it, when my quad core at 3.4ghz gets pegged easy.

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they move thing up from Alpha 9 .Fairly well. If this would be the case then i’ll have to wait till i get my Mac.

Thx for the attention though.

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the game doesnt support Mac yet…

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And I don’t think Wine works all that well with this game either.

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from what ive read it doesnt

You just need to get a real computer, a PC, and not mess around with over priced paperweights.

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this picture is what came to mind,

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Thats not been my experience.