Gamworld not loading after starting the map/game

Hi everyone first post here, since lurking for quiet a while

Since the road to Alpha10 the map/game doesnt load correctly. I see only blue when i start a new game, i can place the firepit and so but i cant see anything. Did not change anything on any setttings since Alpha 9 which works.

Latest Update Stonehearth bulid
Laptop with
Intel I5
64.Bit Win7
4 Gigabyte RAM
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5060

To clarify, did you load an alpha 9 savefile into the alpha 10 game or your savefile is from alpha 10?

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Its a new game from Latest Stonehearth Build. No Save file from another version

@Dwalus, @dwarf, @Teleros, @thorbjorn42gbf, @Elderon, @Heilari

Get a load of the title! “Bluescreen” after starting the map/game. It’s @Heilari-ous. It’s also really apt, Bluescreen of Death and all…


i just wanted to double check the options if i forgot something or made a mistake and got this when i pressed the Ok Button.

Assertion Failed: i !=

and then the game crashed

edit: @Nwef your right I changed the Titel

Sorry for the coming incursion!

@Newf, we could not have made it better even if we planed it. :laughing:


Aha. Ha.


Ha. <wasdwas


Note to mods: I had nothing to do with this, I swear!


Nor I!, I might have cracked the idea of the last escapade(you will never catch me alive!)(I confess nothing!) and encouraged @Dwalus to post it but I had nothing to do with this one.

Like I said, sorry for the incursion.

Reminds me of the crash I get with the 64 bit version that no one has fixed yet. ,/: